Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Start Planning a Holiday Cookie Exchange!

Now is the time to start planning a Holday Cookie Exchange Party!

Follow these Simple Steps:

ASK EACH GUEST to bring a big batch of cookies. Figure 1 dozen multiplied by the number of guests, plus 1 dozen to eat at the party. They should also bring a big basket or tin for taking cookies home.

KEEP TRACK of who is bringing what, so you get plenty of variety.

ASK GUESTS TO BRING COPIES OF THEIR COOKIE RECIPES, or to e-mail them to you ahead of time so you can make individual recipe booklets for everyone to take home.

SET OUT BASKETS AND PLATTERS to hold all those cookies, including one big platter for the cookies you’ll eat during the party.

PROVIDE BAGS so guests can pack each kind of cookie separately to bring home.

SERVE SOME SNACKS with protein to balance all that sugar!

PERFECT BEVERAGES for your party are coffee, hot chocolate, punch, and hot cider.

You should have your Party sometime right after Thanksgiving! It puts poeple in the Holiday Spirit and you will have cookies for all of your entertaining or if someone just pops over.

Cookies FREEZE GREAT and do not take long to thaw out.

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